Cheri Ruskus - Founder

Cheri Ruskus - Founder

Be True to Your Vision

Consistent growth as a small business owner is not always an easy goal to achieve.  Each of us needs a cheering section along with innovative tools to continue to create a profitable and sustaining business for the short and long term. 

Add the support and knowledge from other like-minded individuals and you have the ingredients that are at the core of the Victory Circles.

Founded in 2006 by seasoned entrepreneur, Business Coach, and Author, Cheri Ruskus, the Victory Circles has remained focused on being a trusted resource in the implementation of the ideals in our mission statement. We call it our definite chief aim, which is to empower entrepreneurs to climb new heights.

Are you currently doing the work that you love? If so, is it bringing you the needed results of consistent profitability in both time and money? And perhaps even more importantly, are you finding joy in your journey all along the way?

Let’s face it, this life is short, and most of us have seen that our greatest enemies can end up being our own self-doubt and internal criticism. By only listening to your own inner voices in the running of your business you can be doing yourself a great disservice and costing yourself much more than just money. 

Perhaps you are actually on the wrong path and just need a little fine-tuning.  Our goal is to help you find the sticking point(s) of what is holding you back from obtaining your deepest sense of entrepreneurial fulfillment as you remove the real obstacles that may be in your way.  Assisting you in changing your way of thinking while you also put systems and strategies into place.

We have discovered over the years in working with thousands of Entrepreneurs that being true to your vision while removing the barriers that can seem insurmountable can bring you the greatest successes and victories.  We are hands on when you need us to be and have online tools and ideas that will in fact take you in directions you may have only previously imagined. 

Together we can create a path that will help you obtain your deepest sense of satisfaction and achievement!