1) Valuable experience

2) Support and accountability

3) Implement custom strategies

4) Learn to move past failure

5) Generate actual results

Cheri Ruskus Business Coach and Founder of the Victory Circles

Cheri Ruskus
Business Coach and Founder of the Victory Circles

The simple step of stopping to get the support and accountability needed along the way makes a huge difference in building positive forward momentum.  

You should never have to walk alone finding your best resources for support is the first step towards really heading towards the victories you have been looking to achieve. One of my greatest strengths is my connection and empathy for my fellow entrepreneur. I pride myself on giving you the necessary elements of support, strategy, and accountability to propel your business towards your own level of freedom.   

Whether you are seeking more flexibility with your time, greater financial freedom, or a combination of both - I would love to invite you to take your business to a whole new level. Throughout this process we will clarify your passion, purpose, and provide key insights as to how to move forward based on your current resources. Together let’s propel your business towards Victory! 

 A few testimonials...

Working with Cheri has been a dream come true. Her ideas are right on target and she keeps me on track. A must for any mom-preneur.
— Kristin S.
I’ve worked with 2 other businesses coaches, but Cheri takes the cake! I’m learning so much about marketing and how to apply it to my daily work practice with much success. She provides so much good information through the modules on-line, stuff that as a healer, I have never heard of. She presents the info. in such a way that one isn’t overwhelmed by it and she gives good ways to implement each module. I love working with Cheri!
— Helen K.
Cheri offers great advice; instrumental in keeping me and my business endeavors focused and aligning with my Chief Aim. I am grateful for the opportunity and strongly encourage other women entrepreneurs to participate in the program. I am confident the support, tools, and resources you receive will benefit your personal and professional growth, keeping your new business development on track!
— Rebecca R.

Here's how I can help your business grow:

marketing restart session

Get custom help instantly.

Sometimes the right thing to do is just hit the restart button. To find a new direction that will take you where you want to go. This is what the Marketing Restart Session is all about! This powerful coaching session will get you fully realigned to what your specific steps forward need be with your marketing.

2 hour session // Phone, Skype, In-person // $300

Book Session Now

Real strategies. Real results.

There are so many components that make up modern marketing that most small businesses get overwhelmed with where and how to start. Backed by the many successes this program has brought to our clients, this program has been designed to leave the struggle behind as you put a concrete plan into action. 

2 monthly sessions // Phone, Skype, In-person // $297 per month

Develop a successful mindset.

Imagine what would change for your business if you could confidently identify the difference between distractions and what you should be focused on in your business. Imagine meeting the sales goals you desire while actually enjoying the process of running your small business. With the on-demand tools in this program, everything is possible. 

On-demand online // 3 monthly payments of $125

unlimited coaching victory circles

Reach your highest potential.

With this program we help you create the right systems, structure, and implementation in all areas of the business. From administration, to production, to marketing/sales you will learn how to optimize every square inch of your operation for long-term sustainability and growth.

Weekly sessions // Phone, Skype, In-person // $1k per month