Marketing Clarity Strategy Session

Marketing Clarity
Strategy Session

Sometimes the right thing to do is just hit the restart button. To find a new direction that will take you where you want to go. This is what the Marketing Restart Session is all about! This powerful coaching session will give you full clarity as to what specific steps forward are required to implement in order to have your marketing thrive. Let's discuss what has and hasn’t been working. Create specific and unique goals. Understand social media platforms and evaluate your current email marketing. We will review your monthly marketing budget and strengthen website first impressions.

Time: 1 hour session
Location: Phone or Skype
Price: $125 (one-time fee)

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Business Immersion Program

Imagine what would change for your business if you could confidently identify the difference between distractions and what you should be focused on in your business. Imagine meeting the sales goals you desire while actually enjoying the process of running your small business. With the on-demand tools in this program, everything is possible. 

Marketing Mastery Program

There are so many components that make up modern marketing that most small businesses get overwhelmed with where and how to start. Backed by the many successes this program has brought to our clients, this program has been designed to leave the struggle behind as you put a concrete plan into action. Gain support, accountability, and learn how to build a community around your business. By implementing custom strategies you will learn to move past failure and generate actual results!