30 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

WHEN - February 23, 2017 // Noon to 12:45pm MST
WHERE - Online Webinar
PRICE - Free

One of the critical elements in creating and maintaining an effective email marketing strategy is through your email list.
In 45 minutes Cheri Ruskus will share with you the 30 top ways that you can effectively grow your email marketing list by best utilizing the resources that are easily within your reach in both time and money.   

We will discuss tips and tools on how to maintain your list to keep your target audience engaged. The tools will include social media, face-to-face, events, affiliates and other online options. Guidance will also be shared on how to best ask others to subscribe. You will leave this webinar with a plan of action that will assist you in growing your list and growing your business!

Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

WHEN - February 9, 2017 // 12pm to 1pm
WHERE - Online Webinar
PRICE - Free

We are surrounded by technology, and that technology has changed the ways that businesses and consumers interact. The changes permeate all aspects of business: running operations, designing and building products, overseeing human resources and education, tracking performance and making projections and strategies.

More than those, however, marketing is one of the areas most impacted by the rise of technology in the recent years. Taking advantage of that technology and the avenues it creates for engagement between brands and consumers is at the heart of digital marketing.

Trends we'll discuss will be:

  • Digital marketing - it can no longer be ignored
  • Content marketing - it's more important than ever
  • Target + Segmentation = Personalization
  • Mobile ( experience and advertising)

Join us as we look forward at just a few of the trends in digital marketing that we believe small businesses should be paying attention to in the year to come. We'll explore what the trends are and some simple ideas for jumping on and taking advantage of them.

Social Media Essentials:
Amplify Your ROI

WHEN - March 23, 2017 // 10am to 12pm
WHERE - Boulder, CO (Public Library Canyon Room - North Entrance)
PRICE - Free

Effective marketers know that social proof is a key ingredient for today’s modern marketing tactics that dramatically influences buying decisions. Are you giving your organization the social proof and visibility it deserves by making the right choices with your social media marketing choices?

In this workshop, learn exactly what social proof is and find out ways you can leverage the social media marketing efforts for your business. We will discuss the top social media platforms today and decide which ones will provide the social proof you'll need to establish a trust-factor with past, current and potential customers.

Join us and discover:

  • Your Online Health Assessment to further understand where your business currently stands online.  
  • The content your target audience is hungry to discover.  
  • Which social media platforms will give you the highest ROI based on where your target audience is hanging out.  
  • How to consistently establish and maintain your social proof online.

How to Create Engaging Content

WHEN - April 5, 2017 // 12pm to 1pm
WHERE - Online Webinar
PRICE - Free

Grow Your Business with Email Marketing and Social Media

WHEN - August 31, 2017 // 11am to 1pm
WHERE - Greeley, CO
PRICE - Free

Never Ending Sales Funnel

WHEN - October 12, 2017 // 12pm to 1pm
WHERE - Online Webinar
PRICE - Free

Drive New Business with Social Media

WHEN - November 14, 2017 // 12pm to 1pm
WHERE - Online Webinar
PRICE - Free


Cheri Ruskus

Cheri Ruskus

Workshop Facilitator

Cheri has been an Entrepreneur based in Boulder, CO since 1985. She has worked with 1,000’s of small business owners in developing a business marketing strategy mindset. Cheri's teaching style is very interactive, helping you face specific business roadblocks and find cost-effective solutions. 

Workshop Testimonials


"As an employee in the nonprofit world, it was a great reminder of real-life success from the others who gathered, and a learning opportunity to spend time with women leaders from the for-profit and entrepreneurial circles. It was exciting and fun. 

One of my greatest take-aways is that I can and will be successful; one of the keys for me will be to determine my big picture goals, that no one does it alone. There's also something about women's voices becoming "louder," and valuing ourselves, our ideas and our contributions all the way to success. 

One of the most powerful moments was when you shared your real life story with us, about you honoring your mom's death in the face of challenges and family issues. It was a reminder of how powerful real stories are, and how when we let down our masks and our super-hungry need for control, that we can both learn about ourselves and make connections with others (even if it means holding off on eating for a few minutes, which for me is a big deal!) Cheri, thanks. it was fantastic. It was the most retreat-like business gathering i've ever been to."
- Carol P.

"Excellent overview of social platforms." 
- Natasha R.

"A great review that gave me encouragement to continue with new fresh ideas." 
- Greg Y.

"Good up-to-date information and statistics." 
- Mark H.

"Inspired me to do more." 
- Karen S.

"I was truly impressed with your workshop. You organized it well, the room looked inviting, and your technology set up was flawless. I really enjoyed how clear and Cha Cha Cha your Power Point was! Most important, you wrapped social media into marketing, connecting both topics with depth--while making the class fun."
- Marianne B.

"So authentic with real life examples!"
- Marlene N.

"An interactive presentation that was relevant to everyone."
- Chris W.

"A new understanding of ROI with marketing." 
- Steve S.

"Thanks very much for the excellent and very comprehensive workshop."
- Chris D.

"Cheri’s knowledge on this topic created a new awareness that I was previously lacking." 
- John M.