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Element 1 - Understanding Your Definite Chief Aim

This element explains the most important part of your business
and also includes the Chapter One excerpt from

Victory One Moment at a Time – Unlocking the Power of the Master Mind


Element 2 – Cash is King

Understanding the 7 Essential Cash Ignitors for your Business Without cash you cannot start a business or remain in business -Period!


Element 3 – Get over saying “I hate selling.”
Victory One Moment at a Time Action Guide Workbook on creating  Ultimate Self Confidence the key behind your role in embracing sales.


Element 4 – How to Hire and Manage a Great Bookkeeper! 

A special E-book Report – How to successfully Hire a Bookkeeper (yes, the person to handle the Cash you now have coming in).  An element to your business we recommend that you don’t try to take on alone.


Element 5 – Business Calibration Assessment

A key element of our coaching programs to assist you to see where you stand right in the four key areas:
1) Profit Planning
2) Business Planning
3) Relationship Planning
4) Marketing Planning.

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This online publication has been delivered by Victory Circles Founder Cheri Ruskus every Monday morning for the past 11 years.  Be ready to be inspired by her weekly words of Victory that are based on the philosophy that every moment counts!