A two-day mastermind designed to give you the momentum and marketing resources to grow your business.

When: August 24 & 25, 2017
Where: Boulder, Colorado, USA
Only 6 spots still available


One of my greatest take-aways is that I can and will be successful; one of the keys for me will be to determine my big picture goals, that no one does it alone.

There’s also something about women’s voices becoming “louder,” and valuing ourselves, our ideas and our contributions all the way to success.
— Carol P.
I left the weekend certainly re-energized and focused on creating an effective marketing plan for the year. It brought much clarity to what I need to do and how to focus my efforts for success and how to get over the road block I have been dealing with. It was very valuable.
— LeAnn
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Are you ready to become a Marketing Warrior?

A Marketing Warrior wakes up before their alarm clock even goes off. They are eager to fight for what they believe in. As they wake up to face the challenges of the day, a smile always comes across their face. In front of them is the gift of another day with the opportunity to fully live their passion - and get paid for it!

When the Marketing Warrior gets to work they aren't thinking: 
"How can the customers benefit my life?"

Instead, their mindset is:
"How can my product/service truly benefit the lives of customers?"

The Marketing Warrior believes in quality as well as quantity. Consistency gets the message out in ways that allows customers to fully know, like, and trust them The Warrior can easily connect with others and as a result builds their community to great proportions.

They listen to feedback and continue to learn the latest and best tools to get the job done.

Stopping forward progress is the root of marketing failure. This is why the Marketing Warrior knows that they must always remain open to the knowledge based in new technologies and strategies in order to go far beyond where others won’t go. In other words, when the going gets tough - the tough get going.

Fear is actually embraced because it shows where the warrior needs to improve. Having eyes always focused on the horizon makes even the most chaotic situations full of clarity.

If you feel like you need a better strategy, more clarity, or stronger courage - it’s time for your Marketing Warrior training to begin!


Uncover the 6 Keys of a Marketing Warrior

Dig deep to decide on your best creative sources that will allow you to move forward in ways you only had previously imagined. This will allow you to understand that we all are creative in our own unique ways. 

We will set specific revenue and success goals based on what is in front of you for 2017 and beyond. To assist with this you will get a bonus online goal planning program when you register. 

Learn how to always be easily sharing your story online and specifically on which platforms. In doing so you will be acutely aware that most marketers fail from not a lack of trying - from giving up too quickly.

Become a Content Hero as you start to fully document the expertise that you possess through the content you create.  No longer feel stumped on what to create in this area whether it's written content, photos, audio or video.   

Discover that your customers are the most important piece of the marketing puzzle whether they are past, present or future customers. We will uncover the pain points that you resolve for them and how to best share your solutions.

At the end of the day it’s about pushing past the fear and getting your message into the world. We will find your areas of strength and how to utilize them on a regular basis.  Pushing past the resistance that may have stopped you in the past. 


As we dive into all these essential areas over the course of the retreat curriculum we will be going beyond just the value of knowing and understanding where you stand in these areas.   We will also illustrate how they will work directly into your website development, email marketing and social media efforts.  The result is a plan of action leaving the event to take you to the next level and beyond.




Cheri Ruskus

Develop a Strategic Marketing Mindset

Cheri will be your Coach throughout this retreat, insuring you get the information and motivation to bring your Marketing Warrior fully to life. 

Over the course of the last 30 years Cheri has dug deep into what makes marketing successful in today's digital world and given these helpful insights away to thousands of small business owners through her public workshops and private coaching sessions.


Cheri Ruskus



Thursday, JULY 20

9 - 10am
Developing Clarity on Your Mission

10am - 12pm
Mindset - Creativity to Innovation to Launch

12pm - 1pm
LUNCH BREAK (Lunch included and provided on site)

1 - 3pm
Screening of the Movie Dream Girls and Discussion

3pm - 3:30pm
Making Movement Your Break

3:30 - 5:00 pm
Telling Your Story on all Platforms

Friday, JULY 21

9:00 - 11am
Become a Content Hero

11am - 12pm
Build the Know, Like, and Trust Factor Your Customers Need

12 - 1pm
LUNCH BREAK (Lunch included and provided on site)

1 - 3:00pm
Staying Consistent with a Content Calendar

3:00 - 3:30pm
Getting Creative Oxygen into your Brain

4 - 5pm
The Courage to Implement




Reserve Your Seat and Gain Access to the Victory Circles Members Area. Upon registering for the weekend you will receive access to the Victory Circles Members Area, which includes our goal planning online program to give you clarity and insight before we even come together in February. This will allow you to come to the weekend knowing where you want to go and then we will give you the marketing tools to get there.


"Cheri Ruskus’ Marketing Warrior Retreat provided more benefits than I could have imagined. I found myself inspired and motivated in sharing an intimate weekend with women entrepreneurs in various stages of developing their businesses.
Cheri did an excellent job of balancing a variety of Marketing exercises and activities. She created a safe fun environment for us to share honestly with each other. I especially enjoyed the Creativity Rituals and coloring my mandala with intention.
We came away with new professional headshots and a repertoire of simple exercises to reduce stress and stimulate creativity. And for me, almost as important, we enjoyed tasty, healthy, homemade food. That is always a plus for keeping up our strength, attention and energy.
The bonding and support I received from Cheri and the group empowered me to stretch further my vision and goal setting. I recommend The Marketing Warrior Retreat to anyone desiring a recharge of their enthusiasm and direction.”
- Jani McCarty



1-on-1 Fine Tuning Coaching Session

We all have gone to events that got us pumped up and then left to our own resources our enthusiasm started to fade. To make sure this doesn’t happen after this event you will receive as part of the package a one-hour coaching session with Cheri Ruskus. Together you will continue to chart the exact course towards your success for the next 12 months!

Master Mind Follow-Up Video Session

To keep the accountability of the action steps you leave with from the retreat, 30 days after the event we will also partake in a online video session to review what is working and what is not.  A valuable extra bonus to this event. 




Private Screening of the Movie "Dream, Girl"  

We will get together with popcorn and wine to view this highly acclaimed movie produced by Erin Bagwell and Komal Minhasthat that documents the warrior role women play in today's world of Entrepreneurism. 

The creative and inspirational nature of this movie will only add to the possibilities you will be uncovering during the weekend. After the movie we will have a fun filled open forum discussion on the lessons learned and how we are making the difference in our area of expertise. 


Marketing Warrior Retreat

When: August 24 & 25, 2017
Where: Boulder, Colorado, USA
Only 6 spots still available

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