What is a Victory Circle?

For eleven years we have watched how the power of a “Victory Circle” in the form of a Master Mind group and how it has transformed 100’s of businesses.  

What came to pass as I stepped out to teach live workshops and webinars is that they also began to feel to me like a Victory Circle because of that same feeling of connection and transformation.  With that moving forward any of the learning experiences we teach will be called Victory Circles.  

Meet Your Guide

Cheri Ruskus

Business Strategist & Keynote Speaker

She has worked with 1,000’s of small business owners in developing a business marketing strategy mindset. Cheri's teaching style is very interactive, helping you face specific business roadblocks and find cost-effective solutions. Cheri has been an Entrepreneur based in Boulder, CO since 1985. 

Recent Testimonials

"Thank you for organizing a great workshop on 'Leveraging the Power of Instagram' by Victorygirl - Cheri Ruskus. She is amazingly communicative and inspiring. I loved the 4 C's and I am working on it."
- Rachna

"Cheri is an outstanding speaker! The East Colorado SBDC has worked with Cheri frequently over the past year and a half. She has lead live and webinar presentation on: Content Development, Growing and Managing Your Email List, Using Social Media to Grow Your Business, and much more. Working with Cheri and Victory Circles has been truly rewarding!"
- Kyla B, East Colorado SBDC

"As an employee in the nonprofit world, it was a great reminder of real-life success from the others who gathered, and a learning opportunity to spend time with women leaders from the for-profit and entrepreneurial circles. It was exciting and fun."
- Carol P.

"Excellent overview of social platforms." 
- Natasha R.

"A great review that gave me encouragement to continue with new fresh ideas." 
- Greg Y.

"Good up-to-date information and statistics." 
- Mark H.

"Inspired me to do more." 
- Karen S.

"I was truly impressed with your workshop. You organized it well, the room looked inviting, and your technology set up was flawless. I really enjoyed how clear and Cha Cha Cha your Power Point was! Most important, you wrapped social media into marketing, connecting both topics with depth--while making the class fun."
- Marianne B.

"So authentic with real life examples!"
- Marlene N.

"An interactive presentation that was relevant to everyone."
- Chris W.

"A new understanding of ROI with marketing." 
- Steve S.

"Thanks very much for the excellent and very comprehensive workshop."
- Chris D.

"Cheri’s knowledge on this topic created a new awareness that I was previously lacking." 
- John M.