Ep. 26 - Humble Courage


Ep. 26 - Humble Courage

with Reiki Master and Chocolate Shaman Helen Knight of Dreamtime Healings

Join your host Cheri Ruskus for a conversation with Helen Knight at her kitchen table as we talk about the power of daring to step out of your comfort zone. You will hear how she found peace, gratitude and humility for the smallest of blessings in her life.   

Helen shares her recent journey of 13 days and nights she spent alone on a mountain in South America with little more than the clothes on her back and a few items to keep her warm during many nights of rain. Enjoy this heart felt podcast that will get you to appreciate the small things in life again.  

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Ep. 24 - Yes I Can


Ep. 24 - Yes I Can

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Captain Lynn Rippelmeyer for the Courage to be the Difference Podcast.  I had met Captain Rippelmeyer at a recent conference and just loved her “I Can” career story.

She became one of the first female commercial pilots in the world after being told for years in her role as an airline stewardess that women could not fly commercial airplanes.

How perfect to share her inspiring story with you this week as the reality of 2018 fully sinks in. It’s time for each of step up our game to make this year what we want it to be. No time to shrink back the world is waiting for the difference we each can make.


Ep. 23 - Power of the Master Mind


Ep. 23 - Power of the Master Mind

Have you noticed all the noise around you that only gets louder and louder the busier you get?

This time of year it seems to get even louder, especially when we fully realize how many weeks are actually left in the year. We can ask ourselves to go faster and faster - increasing our inner noise levels in the process or, we can also stop and simply just give up – losing all the magic we initially felt when we started our business to begin with.

The best option however is to get past the noise by finding the patience available in the quiet moments that will allow us to do our best with the time and tools we currently possess.

As we do so, in the few short weeks that remain in this year we can prepare to go into the year ahead stronger than ever and look towards additional tools that will make us even better.

Once we have achieved inner calm, it's time to move outward. Asking for the help of others allows our true self to shine a little brighter.

This week as you are hopefully putting some thought into the year ahead before all the holiday celebrations begin in earnest, I thought I would share with you more about the Power of the Master Mind.

Today’s podcast can open you up to looking at ways to explore the deeper potential within yourself especially as you share it with others.

Find the quiet, get past the noise and enjoy the peace that can be found during this magical time of the year in order to catapult you into the year ahead.


Ep. 21 - Book Review: You are a Badass at Making Money


Ep. 21 - Book Review: You are a Badass at Making Money

It’s much easier to face our fears when we know what they are. When we can give the needed attention to the exact elements within our money troubles that are in fact creating the lack we can begin to make the needed changes.

A great book I just finished reading is You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero: http://amzn.to/2htn797

This is a book goes into the aspect of money in a pretty realistic and intuitive way. Jen shares her insights in going beyond how she was living her life constantly stopped by money well into her forties.

I did an honest and quick book review on my podcast. Take a listen to the latest episode or dive in and get the book.

It’s time to rise up on your money woes. Let’s go do this!


Ep. 20 - Leap of Faith


Ep. 20 - Leap of Faith

This podcast I share with you today starts at the point of asking yourself just how happy are you today and then moving forward from there. Why? Because taking a leap of faith can actually takes us closer to our deepest joy filled moments.

One of the elements I talk about in using these characteristics is getting past the metaphorical corner, that intersection between here and where we want to go.

Sometimes because we want so much we have a hard time focusing on the exact roadmap we need to get us there.

In this talk I share my challenge this year to get my self in the physical shape to ride 100 miles around Lake Tahoe. That feat, as those of you who have been with me all year know, I accomplished last June proceeded by 1,000 training miles.

From my vantage point it is all about the joy in the journey – no matter where each of our journeys are taking us.

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Ep. 18 - Picture Perfect with Andrew Studer


Ep. 18 - Picture Perfect with Andrew Studer

"Focus on capturing a story." - Andrew Studer

Follow Andrew on Instagram - instagram.com/andrew.studer

Pictures are an important part of our culture today. We are living in an amazing time when we have such access to take digital pictures that can be consumed online within minutes. Taking and sharing pictures can be a very important element in the efforts to get your messages heard especially for your business.

Taking pictures that are a bit edgy and get remembered takes courage… just like so many other things in life that can be a little intimidating at first. When you share any new skill set with others you might not be so great at first but then you get better and better.

I have found that sharing pictures online pushes you to be better because you have an audience watching.

Long gone are the days of taking a picture hoping it came out okay as you waited a week or two to have the film developed. Only then could you determine if you should have taken another shot or if it was really in focus, and then… well it was too late.

What if you started capturing the world around you more often just because you easily can?

Through the magic of Instagram this past week I was able to view some pretty amazing pictures of the beauty of the solar eclipse we got the chance to experience here in North America. With only 90% coverage here in Colorado, we didn’t get to witness the amazing total eclipse in person…

As the pictures started showing up online from those who were in parts of the country where there was a total eclipse it was phenomenal. That is what’s awesome about photography - you can take someone from the other side of the continent and share a visual moment with them.

The Instagram picture that stood out from all the rest for me was this one taken by Andrew Studer (www.andrewstuder.com) a very talented photographer based in one of the hot spots to be for the total solar eclipse - Oregon.

I had the further good fortune to connect online with Andrew a few days later and have him share some great insights that have become this weeks Courage to be the Difference podcast.

In the podcast Andrew shares how this amazing shot came to life – a very cool story. He also shares some great tips how you can take some great pictures as well.

Most of us carry a mobile phone around with us each day. Andrew shared something I have known to be true, that a mobile phone is a great place to start in photography. It is amazing what our phones can capture.

I encourage you to open your eyes a little wider to see the shots you might have otherwise missed. I also encourage you to appreciate the work that goes into epic shots from photographers around the world. Use their vision along with your own to see things you many have never seen before.

It really is a whole new way to be in the moment and get the perfect shot on life.



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Planting Seeds for Business Growth and Success (Audiobook)

There seems like no better time than the annual awakening of spring to talk about the possibility that springtime brings. It is my desire that the ideas shared in this little book will take your business into the next level of success.

If you are a Gardener, you have the ability to be an Entrepreneur. And, if you are an Entrepreneur you need to encompass the mindset of a gardener as you cultivate the elements of what will allow your business to grow.

This book will cover the 5 elements of growth that crosses over from the botanical world and into the business world.

Take a deep breath and start to fully notice the world that is emerging around you. This includes what works and what doesn’t! The challenge is to see how can you put seeds into all that you do - as you enjoy the gifts the growth process itself brings to your life.

This book is designed to read and work through quickly so you can get out there and start planting!

To Your Successes and Victories,
Cheri Ruskus
Business Strategist and CEO of the Victory Circles

Learn more about how The Victory Circles can help grow your business.


Ep. 11 - The Entrepreneur Before Christmas


Ep. 11 - The Entrepreneur Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house 

Not a creature was stirring except for my mouse.


The stockings were hung as I spent my time clicking with care 

In hopes that somehow the presents could still make it there.  



My “busy” schedule had been out of control 

Preparing for Christmas had really not taken ahold.


The children were nestled all snug in their beds

The presents were not purchased - leaving noise in my head.  


I debated about whether to have a super tall nightcap.

Honestly - all I really wanted was a long winters nap.  


When out on the lawn there came the sound of some chatter 

I rose from my computer to see what was the matter. 


Away to the window I went in a dash, 

Tore open the shutters and made my cell phone flash.

The moon shined brightly on the new fallen snow.

And suddenly I didn’t care about my previous stress and woe.


Falling from the sky with a sound only I could hear

Was the relief I needed at this time of year.  


It came in a form of reindeer leading a sleigh 

With a little old driver who was cruising my way. 


Suddenly I knew in a quick

This little old guy must be St. Nick! 


Let’s face it, no one else was working tonight 

This could be my answer to make everything right.  


He whistled and shouted and called his reindeers by name:


Now, Dasher! Now Dancer! Now, Prancer and Vixen!  

On Comet! On Cupid! On Donder and Blitzen!


To the top of that porch!  To the top of the Wall!  

To this entrepreneurs house where there is no presents at all!


I stood there just thinking was I dreaming this all

Or had I just entered some crazy online mall!


And then in a twinkling right there on my roof 

stood the actual prancing and pawing of each reindeers hoof.  


And down the chimney St. Nicholas came

And my life since that moment has not been the same.


It started with a bundle of presents he had flung on his back

That began to remove my deep sense of lack.


Oh his eyes how they twinkled!  His dimples, how merry! 

His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!


He knew just the magic I needed to get past my fear

After all, it had been one hell of a year.


My business needed me in so many ways

To help me help others get through their darkest days.


With a wink of his eye, and a twist of his head,

Suddenly I felt peace and as I knew I had nothing to dread.


He spoke not a word and was calm as could be 

as he filled up our stockings with such joyful glee.

And laying his finger aside of his nose,

He gave me a nod and up the chimney he rose.


My heart had been filled in the quiet of the full moon sky

I was glowing with belief and let out a sigh.


He exclaimed with joy as he drove out of sight – 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


Ep. 10 - Morning Mind


Ep. 10 - Morning Mind

This podcast episode is about the important element of having a positive morning mindset to give you the torque that gets you through the rest of your day.


Ep. 9 - Power of Accurate Thinking


Ep. 9 - Power of Accurate Thinking

Does your to-do list truly have a direction where you want to go? Learn how to let go of thoughts that are no longer serving you so that you can live more positively in your daily work life.