How to setup your Instagram business profile in 4 steps

Victory Assets Portfolio

Use this free tool to take an annual assessment of where you are sitting in your business as the year comes to a close. 

Website Development:

Your website is the hub of your business. The place online where you should be directing all of your current and future customers. A high performing website should have solid structure and be easy to make changes as the changes of your business occur.

What separates Creative Purity from the rest is the core drive to keep your message pure and innovative in order to connect with your target audience on much more deeper level.

For these reasons we choose Creative Purity for our website development. 

Email Marketing: 

Ten years ago we began our relationship with Constant Contact, first as a customer and then a year later after being totally delighted with the product and the amazing live customer service we become a partner.

If you have been torn about which email marketing platform to use the answer is clear with this company that consistently stays above industry standards. Sign up for your 60 day free trial below and check it out.

Appointment Scheduling

How do your clients schedule appointments? One of our favorite tools that we use here at the Victory Circles is Timetrade. It is an easy to use appointment scheduler that provides your clients the ability to easily schedule time with you. You choose your available time slots beforehand, and they simply view your available slots to choose the best time that works for them. 

If you want to get business booked effectively (without 5 or 10 back and forth emails to schedule each appointment) Timetrade is definitely a great tool to use!

Online Customer Relationship Management (CRM): 

We searched high and low for a tool to mange customers and potential customers.  Here was our criteria:

  • Online accessibility through phone, pad and computer.
  • Work with Gmail in order to have emails instantaneously go into customer accounts.
  • Easy start-up without complicated instructions to get started.
  • Overall ease so it is not time consuming and the information is useful.  

The tool we choose was Contactually because it did that and so much more.