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Cheri helps business owners adapt to the digital age.

We all have strengths in certain areas and are lacking strengths in others – that’s when we most need to reach out and get help. In the process of doing so building a team around you will lead to your greatest victories.

  • Discover Your Inner Creative within that piece of the imagination that can get buried under the many ‘to-do’s’ every day. Learn the power of innovation that comes by putting on your creative hat regularly and letting your imagination thrive.
  • Tap into Deeper Sources of Courage – There must be a Marketing Warrior living inside of every entrepreneur. Many times though it is buried under fear of failure.  Discover how to fully share your organization’s message with the world.
  • Generate Great Content that makes the world go round and is critical in today’s marketing world. Gain the mindset tools to move past mental roadblocks as well as putting systems into place when it comes to resources that create powerful content.
  • Empower the Customer Experience for past, present, and future customers by understanding how to best serve the most important people in your business. Use marketing and sales automation systems that increases your bottom line while giving great service to your customers.

When you are intentional about anything, anything is possible.
— Cheri Ruskus

Meet Cheri Ruskus

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Cheri Ruskus learned her skill sets from the real-world experience of owning a variety of businesses for over 30 years. This experience is fueled by also learning from the best of the best in the areas of mindset, marketing, and creating strong business systems.

Cheri has enabled thousands of audience and workshop attendees with the how to in developing the six essential skills that she has successfully used to serve her own customers for over three decades:

Cheri Ruskus lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA. She is an impassioned entrepreneur and business leader who assists entrepreneurs break through barriers in front of them. Her 3 decades of entrepreneurship include a telephone answering service, executive office property, business consulting, and small business masterminds.

Her passion for the business district led to co-founding of the Downtown Business Association (DBA) in Louisville, CO. The DBA helps small business owners unite to create sustainable business growth through rich community events that spark that local business community.

Cheri is the published author of The Victory Letters – Inspiration for the Human Race and Victory One Moment in Time – Unlocking the Power of the Master Mind. She now leads Victory Circles, her highly successful coaching organization, with one-on-one coaching and mastermind groups.

Cheri connects with audiences around the world through keynotes, workshops and webinars helping translate complex marketing concepts into tangible tactics for business leaders. When she’s not busy sharing with audiences, Cheri loves enjoying the beautiful mountains of Colorado, gardening, and the world of photography.

Cheri has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders both from the stage and through her one-on-one workshops and coaching.  She takes her real world experience and shares the tweaks, the knowledge, the planning, and the implementation necessary for running a successful business on many levels.


Leap into Courageous Marketing

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Fly above the competition with courageous marketing

When you are looking to make big changes in your business and in your life, fear can stop you in your tracks. Fear can keep us from moving forward because of living in the past and make us stay in our comfort zones.

The secret to change sits within each of us. And there is three key steps to take you there:

  • The Intention to Leap through Confidence.
  • The Imagination to Leap with Creativity.
  • The Implementer to Leap that requires Courage.

3 Steps to Becoming a Marketing Warrior

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How do I get better results on Facebook? Do I really need to send emails from my business? Why should I be on LinkedIn?

These are the questions small business owners are wondering... and avoiding. Entrepreneurs have more accessibility and resources for marketing available today than ever before and are overwhelmed where to you even start?

In this featured talk, Cheri Ruskus focuses on how to have clarity on what marketing makes sense for your business. Who is your audience? What messages do you want to share?

  • Gain the confidence and creativity elements to begin with, including knowing what platforms and tools you should be using.
  • Understand the key element of consistent content creation and how to create a system
  • CUSTOMER Centric based in COURAGE

How to Create Engaging Content

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For a brick and mortar business the winning combination is “Location, Location, Location!" For marketing online it's "Content, Content, Content!"

The time to spread your marketing messages through online content is NOW.

No other time in the history of the human race have we been able to share our messages so easily and cost effectively. So the question is what have you been waiting for? 

The truest answer for most busy business professionals is that they don’t know what to say or what information would be the most relevant to their audience.  Not to mention the time commitment to create rich content.

While many entrepreneurs and small business owners get slowed down thinking it’s technology that is stopping them from creating the content – more often than not it’s actually that they are stuck on what to say and when.

Cheri will show you how to move beyond those roadblocks and start becoming a content hero!  For the past 16 years she has been getting her award winning Victory Letter to her tribe of small business owners via email every Monday morning. 

  • Learn how to attract, engage, and get your tribe to share your content with the people that matter to them.
  • Understand the simple framework and system for consistently creating great content and what platforms you should be sharing it on.
  • Time saving tips including what to do when inspiration fades away.

Never Ending Sales Funnel

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Are you experiencing the pain of inconsistent sales in your business?

It's time to commit to putting the sales process at the forefront of your business that supports your marketing efforts.

Discover how to ask the right questions, how and when to tell your story in order to deliver what you promise while keeping your integrity intact throughout the process.

Learn the process of a customer-centric sales funnel focused on clear systems from marketing efforts through sales follow up.


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"Cheri Ruskus is an outstanding speaker! The East Colorado SBDC has partnered with Cheri frequently with her leading live workshops and webinar presentations. Working with Cheri and the Victory Circles has been truly rewarding!"
- Kyla Benson, Associate Director - East Colorado SBDC 

"Five Stars for Cheri Ruskus as she brings personal experiences from her own life alive for the audience to continually drive home that it takes courage to be the difference. Here in Artesia, NM Cheri has motived us on many levels – from a Domestic Violence Awareness keynote to teaching Main Street’s businesses in marketing and entrepreneurship…she hits the mark. Everyone leaves with at least one kernel of courage to start or maintain his or her journey. "

Laurie Scholtz, Executive Director - Artesia Arts Council


“Thank you so much for sharing your time and your talents. Your presentation was so well received by everyone in attendance and packed a very powerful message for all of us. We so appreciate of you and your support of the Eric Chamber.”

- Elle Cabbage, Executive Director – Erie Chamber of Commerce



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